Who we are

AREA was recently formed by concerned local residents and is supported by the groups listed below.

  • West Beach Residents Association
  • The Shoreham Society
  • Shoreham Beach Residents Association
  • Friends of Lancing Manor Park
  • Beachcroft Place Residents Association
  • Lancing Manor S.E. Residents Network

One of AREA’s main concerns is the detrimental effects on health which air pollution causes. Authoritative bodies like the Royal College of Physicians have stated that air pollution, especially nitrogen dioxide and carbon particulates, are contributing to 40,000 premature deaths a year. They particularly affect the young and old, leading to respiratory and asthmatic conditions.

The government is currently being charged to put in place measures to bring down levels to below the statutory legal limits. Pollution from vehicle emissions is a major contributor.


East Street

Next Steps…

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