Adur Residents’ Environmental Action Newsletter January 5, 2021

Wishing you all a healthy, productive new year. It’s got to be better.

We ask that you consider giving your support to the following projects:

THE MEADS – As mentioned in the last newsletter the plan to relay the site of The Meads recreation space with an all -weather surface has proved controversial. The chemical /material makeup of the Astroturf /3G surface with wear and tear can release particulate matter as happens with car tyres. The chemicals are released onto the skin. This type of surface increases the severity of abrasions, puts additional stress on joints and can become dangerously hot in the sun. A 2018 study at Yale university concluded that caution would argue against use of these materials (ground tyre material) especially for playgrounds and playing fields.  AREA’s committee believe that because this neglected area has a high risk from ground water a drainage system should be installed and that the area should be retained as a grass area with a proper maintenance program for use by the school and the public. This is the last park in central Shoreham and the value of green spaces has been brought home to us this last year.

Please complete the consultation at: /

The consultation ends on January17th.

ADUR COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY LAND TRUST -You may have read about this new organisation in the local paper. The group is a not -for -profit organisation, locally based, that builds homes at permanently affordable prices. If you are interested in finding out more and becoming a member for £1.00 go to

THE FOURTH ARM – We are about to submit our objections to the 4th arm, which is another exit on the new roundabout, with traffic lights, planned for the A27 once the Sussex Pad junction is closed. The roundabout will be where the former Withy Patch community resided. They have now been moved to a new site. The 4th arm was proposed primarily because Lancing College objected to the inconvenience and increased mileage entailed by the proposed closure of the Sussex Pad junction at Coombes Rd. which would mean left in and left out turns only.

From the new roundabout, after exiting via the 4th arm, there will be a link road, which will pass through National Park land directly in front of the Sussex Pad children’s nursery  to link up with Coombes Rd. further north. Cyclists and equestrians will be directed along this link road which is beside the eastbound A27, as their access to the National Park.

Our objections are based on:

  1. By bringing the link road directly in front of the nursery, having removed a bank of trees and shrubs, the children will be further exposed to air pollution from both the new road and the pollution from the A27 which is over the legal limit.
  2. The noise levels are already above World Health Organisation guidelines so bringing the link road closer will make things worse.
  3. That stretch of the eastbound A27 floods so removing trees, shrubs etc. will make it worse . They didn’t think of that!
  4. The route for cyclists and equestrians is substandard. They will have to proceed along a path between the Adur and Ricardos and then beside the A27 to the new roundabout where they will proceed around the new roundabout to the link road beside the A27. This will be their access to the National Park and for equestrians in particular is hardly a suitable route. The less time anyone has to spend beside or on the A27 the better for their health.

We have obtained a number of ante pollution and ante idling banners which we had planned to use by the level crossings and the schools but that is a project for the future now.

We have also written a very direct letter to IKEA just to let them know we are still here and still objecting and suggesting they try Brighton (Debenhams?) for one of their city centre shops which is their current policy.

We live in hope for a more rational, fair-minded future.

To all our supporters  – please contact  us with any ideas you may have during all this down time. Stay well and apologies if we don’t recognise you behind the masks.

All our best.

Barb, Geoff, Bill, Alan, Gerard, Jenny, Chrissie, Peter

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