Appalled at New Monks Farm approval by Government Minister


After 7 months and repeated extensions, Adur Residents Environmental Action (AREA) is appalled that the highly complex New Monks Farm and Shoreham Airport developments, approved by Adur DC in October 2018, have been given the greenlight by Housing Secretary James Brokenshire.

Was this decision made because nationally the Government is simply failing to deliver the homes it promised to build?

AREA now asks :

  • What is the current status of these irresponsible development applications?
  • Are we going to get the primary school, the funding for police, libraries, fire service and doctors’ surgeries which Adur Head of Planning stated may be sacrificed to due to the high cost to the developers for this complicated scheme?
  • Does the overall benefit to the community of IKEA’S low paid and low skilled jobs really outweigh the loss of these vital infrastructure amenities?
  • IKEA has a new business model for smaller, high street based outlets to meet their fast growing on line business. Does this 75,000 sq m building and car park development (7 football fields in size) still fit with their changing plans? Will it become a distribution centre which will totally fail to generate the volume of jobs promised?
  • With the significant impacts of pollution and traffic which IKEA would create, how does that fit in with their heavily promoted sustainability principles in their People and Planet Positive Strategy?

AREA asks its local authority to provide an update on how these developments will now progress and to publish a construction timeline, particularly relating to the length of disruption to the A27.

Lancing Parish has declared a Climate Emergency Area for Lancing which AREA totally supports. We ask the district council to adopt Climate Emergency status for the whole of the Adur District. If Adur DC genuinely cares for its community it should follow Brighton & Hove’s initiative to declare a carbon neutral policy by 2030. The New Monks Farm development does not fit with such a policy due to the vast increase in traffic generated by IKEA.

A spokesperson for AREA says ‘If New Monks Farm goes ahead with 600 homes, a massive IKEA, reduced country park, disruptive roundabout on the A27, unhealthy relocation for Withy Patch residents and sub standard pedestrian and cyclist crossings for the A27 – this will be the worst decision Adur District Council has ever made. Where is its duty of care to local residents of Adur, regional communities and A27 commuters?’

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