AREA Newsletter, March 19,2020

Dear supporters,

Hope you are all well, not feeling too isolated and are adequately equipped with the basic necessities.

The main purpose of this newletter is to verify that we have decided to cancel the Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 9. We are looking into presenting the financial report, Chair’s report and  endorsing the current committee via email.Then, when everything has settled down we can hold a meeting.

Bill Freeman has been very busy supporting a number of families in the the Withy Patch community. A decision was scheduled for a WSCC meeting on March 19th on the land swap with the developer, meaning the developer would take over the current Traveller site in exchange for the proposed site at the new roundabout. But all council meetings have been cancelled.  The Chair of the WSCC Performance and Finance committee refused permission for anyone from the Withy community, their legal representation, AREA (Bill) or the District Ward councillor to speak at the meeting. How democratic is that?  The concern is that WSCC may try to approve the exchange without any scrutiny, looking at the situation from a purely financial point of view, without any environmental or equality impact assessments on the welfare of the community. They have still not been shown a finalised site plan.

If you were not able to attend the public consultation for the civic centre car park development by Hyde Homes look on the Adur council Planning website for EIAOPINION/0002/19 for the details. In a nutshell: the tallest of the buildings will be 11/12 storeys high. The bottom floor will be commercial space. ANOTHER brown brick building with 85 (maybe less) parking places for about 196 flats and commercial. This will be a gated community which seems to mean that the green space between the buildings will be for residents only. Originally it was to be 40% affordable housing for rent but that has been reduced to 30%.Please find attached a letter of objection for reference when you write your own letter.

The Kingston Wharf development along the A259 can also be viewed on line quoting AWDM/0204/20. It comprises 3 blocks of flats; 4-8 storeys; business centre to include office, storage and cafe. 286 car parking spaces; 204 for bikes;255 flats. Severely limits the views of the harbour from A259 as each of the 3 blocks consist of 3 buildings in a U shape.

CHALLENGE : THE FOLLOWING IS TAKEN FROM THE DESIGN and ACCESS STATEMENT for the above.  Part 1 page 17 “The taller building within the proposal undulates in height from 4-8 storeys and takes visual cues from the surrounding context – a flat parapet roof is utilised to minimise height and mass. The buildings are in a prominent location and therefore propose  a strong orthogonal form – in keeping with local vernacular. “ WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? How can you relate the shape of a building to the way people speak? Do they want us to understand their planning documents?

BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. The committee wish you all good health.

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