AREA Supporter’ Newsletter June 13, 2019

Dear Supporters,

So where are we now?

Attached are the letters we wrote to the Secretary of State, James Brokenshire Letter to Brokenshire June 112019 (2) and to the Shoreham Herald  Letter to Herald and Argus June 3 2019 re traffic and pollution Two other committee members also had their letters printed in the Herald. Our press release was not in print in the Herald but was in the online version. Do you have any strong feelings about the current IKEA situation, pollution, idling car engines, health risks? Why not send a letter to the Herald.

A meeting has been arranged with other groups who are opposed to NMF. There is a lot to be considered in deciding whether to initiate a Judicial Review:  the cost ; the likelihood of success; whether we have strong enough evidence that procedures were not followed by the Council. The Environmental Law Foundation is still helping us and has contacted barristers with experience in pollution issues.

We have not yet received a reply from IKEA and will continue to put pressure on them. We live in hope that the political uncertainty and declining  state of the high street will cause them to change their mind about a large store and put the finance into developing their online sales and small, city centre stores.

We have erected 10 more diffusion tubes in Shoreham and Lancing with the hope that the one by skate park will not end up on the ground. A new document from UNICEF outlines the dangers of air pollution to children and is a detailed analysis, well worth reading.

We hope to get some posters produced about pollution, traffic and idling cars and give them their first airing at the Farmers’ Market in July. Why not join us.

On Saturday, 15 June the South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment (SCATE)    are holding an event from 12-5pm at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton. Tickets can be booked on Eventbrite or Facebook.

Further information on air pollution can be found on the Channel 4 program Toxic Air Scandal, aired on Monday on Dispatches.


The basics are there for the website but it needs revamping. This could involve more than one person.    HELP!        Ring 01273 593473 or  07729 105103 for further information.

We hope to see you all at the Farmers’ market in July with your own posters and to show your support.

Barb, Geoff, Gerard, Jenny, Pattie, Peter, Chrissie, Pat, Bill, Alan



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