AREA Supporter’ Newsletter November 2, 2019

Dear Supporters,

This will be a short update as we hope to see many of you at the open meeting on


There will be no speakers – just an opportunity for you to ask questions, have an update  on IKEA, the Civic Centre, Focus, and parking, and put forward your own ideas of what is important to you.

AND  – at the time of writing we have got a working air monitor which measures PM2.5 and PM 10  which we plan to demonstrate.

Feel free to just drop in for a hot drink, biscuits and a chat.

For those who are unable to attend there follows a brief summary.

A: WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON IKEA.  A case inspectorate official  for the department of Housing and Communities has sent us a letter asking for another month to review the New Monks farm development stating how complicated and voluminous it is. This is in response to our Freedom of Information request.

B.The ownership of the strip of land needed for the new roundabout has not been resolved. An Equality Impact Assessment has still not been done for the Withy Patch residents.

C.We have written to FOCUS about the parking overspill ( no reply) and met with the Gordon/ Rosslyn Road residents group who are suffering the brunt of the overspill.

  1. We have asked questions at a number of council meetings. We encourage as many of you as possible to attend a meeting and decide for yourself if this is the way you would expect your council to function. Should you take the plunge, feedback would be welcome.


Worthing Climate Conversation – Friday 15 November, 7pm to 10 pm at the Richmond Rooms, Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing

Transport Action Network – If you have an interest in transport across the Southeast this event is at the Hilton at Gatwick from 12:30 to 4:30. Tickets £5.


Barb, Geoff, Gerard, Jenny, Chrissie, Alan, Bill,  Peter

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  1. Declared a Climate Change and Environmental Emergency and set a 2025 zero carbon target date for council operations and a 2030 target date for the borough as a whole Eastleigh Borough Council has a long history of tackling climate change; throughout the life of its current Climate Change Strategy the Council has installed thousands of kWh of renewable energy, supported residents and community groups to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, lobbied Government and worked with partners to improve the resilience of the Borough. “Council reaffirms its existing commitment by joining other local authorities and institutions in declaring a Climate Change and Environmental Emergency. In doing so it agrees to: put in place measures to ensure that the Council’s own operations and functions achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, work with partners to aim for all projects and services delivered in the Borough to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, ensure that the Council’s procurement policy recognises carbon neutrality as one of the primary considerations, recognise the urgency of action to mitigate and adapt to climate change in every decision taken by the Council, establish a cross-party working group to develop a plan for how the Borough of Eastleigh could achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, to be Chaired by the Cabinet Lead for the Environment and to include representatives from within the local community and businesses, to report to Council within six months with a new Climate Change Strategy alongside immediate actions the Council will take to address this emergency, to be followed by a detailed Action Plan to be developed to include reporting requirements and assessment of the associated resource implications; and include all of the recommendations above in a revised Climate Change Strategy to be completed and approved by Council in 2019-20.

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