AREA Supporters’ Newsletter 14, September 2018


Dear Supporters,

A number of things have come up which I felt I should pass on, hence another newsletter so soon.

Firstly, Chris Todd from Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth has launched a petition to try to save the Sussex Pad crossing which is used by many cyclists and equestrians. The proposed alternative is a path which passes under the flyover, is too narrow and too low for equestrians. It does not comply with the terms of the Adur Local Plan as enhancing access to the National Park. The irony is that the Council states it is promoting cycling and yet does not recognise the failures of this proposed path. The link for the petition is

Secondly, I would like to supply more detail about the 25,000sqm of commercial space planned for the airport, south of Ricardos and west of Cecil Pashley Way. There will be two shed like buildings with a gap of 47metres between.  The site is on the western edge of Cecil Pashley Way just south of the old Toll Bridge. The buildings are 155 metres deep, 327 metres wide and 14 metres high. As you stand on the Downs Link opposite the Amsterdam and look across the river there will be no open view of the airport through the gap. After all the consideration given to the sympathetic placement of the memorial to the air crash victims by the old Toll Bridge the iconic and relevant backdrop of the airport will be obscured by two commercial sheds.

The Inspector was very concerned about the loss of the green gap during the consultation. Now we won’t be able to see the green gap or the airfield.  Also, to the east of Cecil Pashley Way, running beside the river footpath  directly in front of one of the buildings will be the pumping station, 7.9 metres high, 13.1 metres wide and contained in a fenced off area 36 metres north to south.

PLEASE WRITE IN TO OBJECT TO THIS COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT.  Quoting AWDM1093/17.  This is overdevelopment. Policy 7 of the Adur Local Plan   states that new development at the airport must be designed to minimise its impact on the landscape as well as on the open nature of the Lancing-Shoreham green gap. This strategic gap has been eroded already by the New Monks Farm development. The commercial development on the airport should be relocated on the southern edge of the airport where the open views will not be interrupted.


The meeting starts at 7 pm. Bring a cushion! They plan to consider both the New Monks Farm application and the airport commercial application at the meeting rather than considering them separately. The Officer’s Report will only be issued one week before the meeting for the councillors to read. They complained last time about the short period of time. However, to assist the Councillors in being better informed they will have information and reasons for refusal with supporting references in our booklet. It’s down to them to read it and use it!

WHY NOT WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL COUNCILLOR! Their email addresses and even PHOTOGRAPHS can be found on the Adur council website.

I made an error in the last newsletter. The event on October 20 All Change for Adur is at the Shoreham Centre at 2pm,  not the Ropetackle. Free tickets available at the Shoreham Centre.

We have heard many people say that they believe IKEA is a done deal, that it will just be rubber stamped by the council. Even if it is passed, 4 groups, including AREA, have written call-in letters to the Secretary of State, so he will then be required to look at the application again. The final option is an appeal, which is costly, but possible.

In the words of a famous person “Never say die.”

Thanks to all those who helped distribute leaflets at the Lancing farmers’ market and to all our supporters. The emails of support are very much appreciated.

Barb, Geoff, Bill, Alan, Gerard, Jenny, Chrissie, Pat, Gerry   or ring 01273 593473

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