AREA Supporters’ Newsletter, April 4, 2021

Dear Supporters,

The flowers are out and the trees are in bloom and even in the cold it is great to meet up with friends in our gardens.

Plants against Pollution – We are pleased to hear from Councillor Emma Evans that the head of parks is investigating the use of the hairy leaved cotoneaster franchetti to help fight the pollution at the skate park in Shoreham.

Horsey Field – We have written a letter to Head of Planning, James Appleton, copying in all district councillors, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Worthing Herald, objecting to the redesignation of a 5 acre field in the northwest corner of the New Monks Farm site which was included in the local plan as an area of enhanced biodiversity and an area of importance for drainage. This wooded site has a number of cypress trees with preservation orders and considerable wildlife. As the council have been updating the Local plan, (which had been approved by the Inspector in 2017) they have decided that the Horsey Field, as it is known locally, can be listed on the “brownfield  register”, which means it would be available for development. The developer who purchased it wants to build 55 houses. Is it right that the status of a site can be so easily changed? Does that bode well for other areas of green space? This could set a dangerous precedent. Worthing Herald told us they will be reporting on this in their paper and on line. There is comment on the issue in the New Monks Farm Facebook page. To object, please write to

Withy Patch Community – We have arranged a zoom meeting with some local councillors and  Withy Patch residents to discuss a list of issues, a “snag” list of problems they have experienced on their new site and which have not yet been dealt with by West Sussex CC.

Anti-idling – Now that the weather is improving and restrictions are easing we want to bring out our anti-idling banners to be used at both levels crossings in Shoreham (especially near McDonalds) and then progressing to Lancing. It is appalling how many people cannot be bothered to switch off their engines. So we will be asking for volunteers to hold up the banners. If you feel driven to organise a few friends for a spontaneous protest with the banners contact me on 07729 105103. The real issue is protecting the people in the car behind and those on the pavements. Even short bursts of high levels of pollution can have detrimental health effects.

Annual General Meeting Wednesday, April 21 7:30pm via Zoom – As mentioned in our last newsletter  – Would anyone like to join our committee? Very friendly, biscuits and drinks provided (except on zoom), usually only one meeting a month, a chance to get involved in local environmental issues. Also, if some technically minded person would like to enhance and take responsibility for our website -please – we need help.

We hope you will all join us on zoom to ask your questions and share your ideas.

 The link will be sent on Thursday 8th.

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