AREA Supporters’ Newsletter, August 11, 2020

Dear Supporters

The main purpose of this newsletter is to bring to your attention the recently published white paper, Planning for the Future. The crux of the paper is that land will be put into 3 categories – Growth, Renewal and Protected. Land for Growth will automatically be given outline planning permission. Land for renewal will be given permission in principal, subject to some checks. Many national groups have concerns that this will extensively reduce local involvement and scrutiny ( we all know how that works, not) and leave less protection for nature, leading to further loss of habitats and species. Smaller developers will no longer be obliged to provide any affordable housing in developments of under 40-50 units or to contribute to local infrastructure, such as schools. Housing charities have warned about the potential risk of low quality homes. Other groups have stated that this document does not enforce the building of carbon-neutral homes and the quality of new homes.

If you would like to read the documents the links are:

We wouldn’t normally bring a petition to your attention, but if you are concerned about the changes to the planning regulations you may like to sign using the following link:

We have only received an acknowledgement from James Appleton, the Head of Planning, to our letter about changing the rules on the voting system so the Chair of the Planning Committee does not have the right to vote twice on a decision for a major development, as happened at Kingston Wharf. However, we did receive a caustic reply from Councillor Andy McGregor challenging the make-up of AREA and whether we were representative of Adur. He requested information on the geographic distribution, age and socio-economic distribution of our supporters and committee and also wanted to know how we obtain the views of out supporters. Our restrained reply stated that we never claimed to represent ALL Adur residents, but that we represent the people in Adur who have a concern for our environment. We included no further information.

AIR POLLUTION LEVELS ARE RISING – This week there have been a number of dramatic spikes in PM10 levels (these are the small bits of pollutants).  On Friday 7th August at 10 am the level was 40, the legal limit; at 8pm it had risen to 56. On Saturday 8th it was 43 at 8pm; on Sunday 9th it was 40 at 2pm; Monday 10th it was 59 at 6am. The heat has had an effect on the levels ,causing them to rise, and an effect on the machine, I guess, as it is not showing the levels for NO2. I am told that the reading for Grove Lodge on the A27 in Worthing reached 100 at 4pm on August 7. These are scary figures and another good reason to not venture out into the heat.

On a more positive note we have had indication from two reliable sources that IKEA has changed its mind! Let’s hope.

Wishing you all a cooling temperature and rain.
Geoff, Barb, Jenny, Chrissie, Peter, Gerard, Bill, Alan

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