AREA Supporters’ Newsletter February 6, 2020

Dear Supporters,

Following agreement on the S106 agreements Adur council has rubber stamped the  final approval to New Monks Farm. A sad day.  We are still waiting to hear any reports on IKEA  – when and if building will start. At the moment they have dug a large hole where IKEA is to be situated and they are trying to drain the surrounding area.

The Shoreham Herald online has information on the S106 agreements. We have met with John Holden the Herald reporter who will be following up on some of our concerns – pollution, traffic, parking, housing, proposed new developments.

While we have been awaiting the council decision we have taken another route.

  • Following the behaviour of a West Sussex Councillor  who screamed at a local resident to “Shut up “at the Dec. 17 meeting we have written to Democratic Services to lodge a complaint. A complaint had already been submitted by someone else and was being investigated.
  • Did you know that Private Eye in its Rotten Boroughs column had reported on the £47,500 relocation allowance made by WSCC to the former Chief Executive Nathan Elvery whose salary was £190,000. He didn’t relocate! But in a recent edition they awarded the Payoff of the Year Award to West Sussex County Council for the £250,000 paid to Mr. Elvery for his departure plus a £35,000 legal bill. Our council taxes wasted by WSCC’s ruling party.

As we get more detailed information about IKEA we will pass it on.


Consult the Shoreham Society website for up to date news on a wide range of issues, including future hustings for the council elections


Barb, Geoff, Gerard, Jenny, Chrissie, Alan, Bill, Peter

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