AREA Supporters’ Newsletter June 21, 2019

Dear Supporters,

NEW WHARF – This is a newly proposed development located along the A259 opposite Halfords and beside Free Wharf to the east.  The exhibition was held on Thursday, 20th June. We found out about it on the Shoreham Society’s website so thank you to them.

The proposal is for either a 20 storey, 16 storey or 13 storey development of 100 flats with 90 parking places for residents and visitors. The parking will be under the lowest storey which will be commercial space. There will be 30% affordable housing.

If the 20 storey block is accepted there will be a single block with area near the road for more landscaping. If the lower blocks are the end result there will be less landscaping around the two blocks. There was very little detail on such issues as solar panels, the size of the commercial space, the number of electric vehicle charge points, the fascias. They have not yet done an environmental impact assessment for air pollution or noise.

They were aware of the opposition to the height proposals for Free Wharf which makes it hard to understand why they have put forward plans for such high rise buildings. Is it a matter of start high knowing they will be whittled down as happened with Free Wharf?

Yet again, the main issues will be the height and the further contribution to air pollution and traffic congestion. That stretch of the road has NO2 limits above the legal limit and we all know of the long queues of traffic.

With Free Wharf having gained approval for a group of blocks as high as 9 storeys AREA questions the viability of an ever growing number of high rise developments with no proposals for new schools, doctor’s surgeries and children’s playgrounds.

If you wish to send in your comments the email address is  The name of the applicant is Metrocity Consulting Ltd. They have not yet set a date for another consultation. Given the poor notification of this consultation and the lack of any detail please watch for any future notifications.

THE MANNINGS –plans for this development, on the corner of Ham Rd and Surry St in Shoreham will be exhibited on Tuesday, June 25 from 4 to 8 at the Co-op Community Space in Ham Rd. The Mannings is a social housing block and will be redeveloped by Southern Housing. Current residents will be rehoused and then offered a home in the completed new blocks.


We will have more on issues regarding New Monks Farm/IKEA. WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP.

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