AREA Supporters’ Newsletter March16, 2021

Dear Supporters,

Not long to go now until we can sit in our gardens in limited numbers. The voracious gulls around all the benches in the parks and churchyards will be upset.

 WSCC  has launched a consultation on improving walking and cycling in Shoreham which we urge you all to complete.

The survey is seeking residents and road users ‘ opinions on proposed new walking and cycling schemes which includes changes to road layouts along Upper Shoreham Rd., Eastern Avenue., Middle Road and the junction of Upper Shoreham Rd with the A283. Improvements should support getting to schools, and to Shoreham and nearby areas for education, shopping, working and commuting. This is an important opportunity to play a part in improving our environment and the safety of all residents.  THE DEADLINE IS MARCH 26.

Many objections in the previous survey came from residents who cited problems with parking outside their houses and delivery access. Most roads in Shoreham share this problem, however the proposed cycle route on Upper Shoreham Rd is less affected due to its width. We urge people to think of the whole community.

COMPLAINT TO DEMOCRATIC SERVICES – Many of you may be aware that AREA registered a complaint with Adur Council’s Democratic Services about the derogatory posts against AREA and personal insults to myself on the My Shoreham by Sea Facebook page made by Councillor Andy McGregor in November. We believed he had broken the Code of Conduct for councillors and our complaint was upheld by Democratic Services. I have finally received a one sentence apology.

NEW MONKS FARM – South Downs National Park A27 Roundabout 4th Arm

There has been a new and interesting development on this application.  In February, the Landscape Officer for the South Downs National Park placed a holding objection on the application. This objection covers many aspects relating to compliance with the National Park’s planning policies for roads, landscaping and other environmental concerns such as tree planting and drainage.   A key comment is that non-mechanised users (NMUs) – such as cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians – have not been given the priority needed. The road should be designed first for NMUs and second for vehicles.  These objections will create further delays. IKEA has stated that construction will not begin on their site until the road works are completed. On the IKEA website there is no mention of the Lancing IKEA. So, we still live in hope that common sense will prevail and that the environmental concerns will be a priority.

PLANTS AGAINST AIR POLLUTION – an article in the Guardian. “On roads with heavy traffic the denser, hairy leaved cotoneaster franchetti was at least 20% more effective at soaking up pollution as compared with other shrubs.” We wrote to the Environment Officer and Councillor Emma Evans with this information suggesting these shrubs would be very useful at the skate park as well as other sites.

The study also found that hawthorn and privet help reduce localised flooding, so, useful for a garden with a soggy bottom.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, April 21 at 7:30.  We will send out a notice closer to the time but we would like to recruit at least one new member to the committee, someone to look after our web page and lots of suggestions for where we go from here.

We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM, brimming with ideas.

With thanks for your support.

Barb, Jenny, Chrissie, Geoff, Peter, Bill, Alan, Gerard

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