AREA Supporters’ Newsletter May 24,2020

Dear supporters,

We have to open with hopes from all the committee that you and your family have kept well, stayed active and have enjoyed the blue skies, clean air, lack of traffic noise and the lovely birdsong.

AREA had a zoom meeting last week the gist of which is set out below.

NMF/IKEA  – There is still no work taking place. The concrete culvert installed at the north end some time ago is full of ground water. That and a temporary,  large attenuation pool is being enjoyed by ducks, an egret and other birds. Brighton and Hove Albion have mothballed until next year construction work on the development of a  £7m ladies’ football training centre but stated that work will resume as soon as financial conditions will allow. How long will that take?  Why no activity on NMF with the opening up of construction sites?

FOCUS – On May 11 Adur Council gave retrospective approval for Focus to use the civic centre site as a car park until next March . Much emphasis was placed by the opposition councillors on the failures of the Focus travel plan and the lack of enforcement. It is also worth noting that the council have only been charging Focus £55.20 per day for parking 60-90 cars. AREA submitted a question raising these issues and await a reply.

POLLUTION –  What a golden opportunity to push for more action on air quality. We are writing to councillor Emma Evans about idling at schools and the level crossing. More strategically placed signs are needed at the level crossings to enhance the unofficial ones already erected by XR. We will carry on pressing for greater signage.

The opposition parties are working to develop more effective road space for walking and cycling with input from AREA as well as cycling groups.   This includes enhanced cycle ways throughout all of Adur, with emphasis on Shoreham, Lancing and  the A27 between the Sussex Pad and the Lancing Manor roundabout. Central government has put forward a pot of money, but it is urgent that a scheme get approved quickly by Adur Council before all the money  is allocated.

WEST ST RESIDENTS have been enjoying the lack of traffic and the cleaner air. They appeal to all residents,” PLEASE DONT USE WEST ST AS A RAT RUN!” It is a narrow road and pollution gets trapped, especially particulates which can hang around for hours, giving sustained high readings.

JOINT OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY COMMITTEE studying climate change.  We believe this group should consider the following question:   In light of climate change and the council’s declaration of a climate emergency, what steps have been taken to reconsider standards for housing and office developments, particularly in light of the possible growth in working from home?

HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS   Old Shoreham Rd at the Manor roundabout – the burnt out building was approved for demolition and development of 4 houses. Concerns about drainage ( sound familiar?) were  highlighted and will be re-examined  for approval by planning committee because of councillor concerns

St. Peter’s Place, opposite Brooklands Park, Lancing has been approved for 18 flats and 18 parking places, unlike recent developments in Shoreham where there is a marked under supply of parking. We are pursuing the inconsistent use of the WSCC parking calculator which leads to discrepancies.

This surely is a time for careful examination of what we want for the future of Adur, a time for practical solutions, actions, not words. AREA will be working in cooperation with other local groups .Please contact us with your suggestions at

There was an excellent programme on Radio 4 recently called The Spark. It explained how Frome decided it needed an Independent Parish council and how it went about it, with great success. You should be able to find it on BBC sounds. It’s well worth a listen.

Thanks to everyone who replied to us about their acceptance that the current committee carry on.

All best wished from the committee.

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