AREA Supporters’ Newsletter May 5 2019

Dear Supporters,

STILL no decision by the Secretary of State on New Monks Farm. That is not surprising what with Brexit and the intricacies of the planning application. The fact that it is taking so long MAY be a good indication that things are being carefully examined.

Other issues being looked at or on the horizon:

  1. HYDE HOMES riverfront development held an open day for potential buyers. The cheapest home was a 1 bedroom flat of 549 sq. ft. selling for £260,000! It was difficult to get the full impression of the development as the model was not to scale. The traffic from this development will emerge onto the already congested Old Shoreham Rd. There were no solar panels in evidence. What a waste.
  2. THE WEST SOMPTING development of 520 homes north and south of West St., to be built by Persimmon, will be going to planning shortly. This will entail an extra 2,000-2,500 vehicles on the A27 and local roads, particularly West St. which is already used as a rat run. The parish Council has opposed the plans on the grounds of increased traffic and pollution and infrastructure concerns.
  3. SHOREHAM AIRPORT –  A sub group from AREA and the Shoreham Society are considering holding a public meeting to bring together all local organisations and the public who are concerned about the future of the airport.
  4. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS– We are hoping to get data on: the number of electric car charge points installed and planned; the number of electric car charge points on new developments; the number of planned/active local car share schemes; (these are all part of the transport strategy for reducing traffic, dated 2011); the number of new builds which will have solar panels; plans for tree/shrub planting, particularly by the skate park. It has been noted that the number of trees planted on the Parcel Force site between the flats and the road is minimal.
  5. ANTI-IDLING campaign. – The Shoreham Society and AREA are investigating this problem, particularly at the level crossings. Some supporters have also bitten the bullet on this and contacted a councillor. Well done them for taking the initiative.
  6. CYCLING – If you are a cyclist you may want to take a look at CCD Local Transport Plan@West There are plans for a number of new cycle lanes throughout Adur, subject to approval and financing. One is along the south side of the A259 heading towards Brighton from Shoreham. The concern is who has the right of way when the cycle lane crosses the exits from the developments and other access points.

REFERENCES for further information:

Scroll down and you will find information about the amount of unspent money meant for alleviating traffic air pollution!

Scroll down and you will find information about the amount of unspent money meant for alleviating traffic air pollution!

This article is about a website that will tell prospective buyers and renters the pollution levels. A few questions: Where will they get the statistics? How accurate will they be?  Will they be based on real monitoring or modelling? Will it include particulate matter or just NO2 levels? A very interesting read.


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