AREA Supporters’ Newsletter November 14, 2019

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to all those who attended our open meeting on Friday 8th November.

There was a thorough discussion of many issues and useful suggestions.

  • Pollution hot spots – skate park, footbridge, Ropetackle roundabout, West St., Old Shoreham Rd, level crossings, Humphreys Gap
  • Air monitors – The readings from the newly purchased air monitors were demonstrated showing particulate levels for PM10 and PM2.5, the smaller, more dangerous particles. At the south end of West St levels were particularly high. We hope to get the 3 monitors calibrated and then they will go into operation.
  • Suggestion that a yellow keep clear box was needed at the entrance to Dolphin Rd.
  • West Stresidents group are taking action against being used as a rat run.
  • Much discussion of parking difficulties brought on by overspill from Focus. They underestimated the number of spaces needed by 65 – 75. How closely did the council scrutinise the Focus travel plan? Neither Gordon Rd residents or AREA have received replies to their letters to Focus.
  • At the planning meeting on Monday, November 11 the council passed The Mannings development on Surry St. This will have 74 flats with only 27 parking places, 3 of which are for disabled. The current building has 40 flats and 27 parking places! IS THERE ANY LOGIC TO THIS? This does not even follow West Sussex County Council’s own parking regulations! The developers predict a £5.28 million overspend and the council’s independent consultant predicts a £1.48 million shortfall. Where will the extra money come from? Will a further number of social rented flats be cut and the number of affordable homes for sale be increased? How will this cut the councils waiting lists which is the line often put forward by the council as a reason for high rise development. The Mannings originally housed 40 families in rented flats. They are being rehoused, with the option to return to the new Mannings. If all 40 wanted to return there could not be enough flats for rent !
  • It was thought AREA’s open meeting was very worthwhile and that it should become a regular feature.
  • Is it time for the whole Shoreham community to come together? We are not being heard.
  • PLEASE COME TO AT LEAST ONE COUNCIL MEETING EVEN IF YOU ONLY LAST FOR A SHORT TIME. SEE HOW THEY OPERATE. Once we have seen the agendas for future meetings we will let you know which would be best.
  • Shoreham Society – discussion on environmental issues with campaigner Tom Wright. Peters Church hall at 7:30, Friday November 15.

If you have concerns about parking or any other issues please email us at or Thanks for your support.


Jenny, Chrissie, Barb, Alan, Bill, Peter, Gerard, Geoff

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