AREA Supporters Newsletter, October 1, 2018

Dear Supporters.
Just a reminder of the
We will be there from 6:00 as we have informed the press so feel free to come along and support us before we all go in, with our cushions.
We understand that the Albion have encouraged their supporters to come along so that may change the atmosphere.
No one from AREA or CPRE has been drawn to speak at the NMF part of the meeting.
If NMF is passed then the meeting will progress to the airport development. David Johnson from CPRE, Bill Freeman and myself will be speaking against this development, as this was not a lottery but first come first served.
If NMF is passed it will then be down to the Secretary of State as to whether he calls it in.
We hope you all enjoyed reading the booklet. What bedtime reading that was!
We really appreciate all the positive feedback and just hope that the Councillors found it as edifying.
If you saw the 3 page biased article today in the Argus we encourage you to give the editor Arron Hendy a ring on 01273 021372 and set him straight. I sent them a press release today to so we will see what they make of that. Perhaps some of you could send an email.
We don’t stand much chance, it seems, of getting fair and positive publicity given the power of the Albion.
So, it is even more important that we have as many supporters as possible at the meeting on Wednesday.
With thanks for all your support.
Barb, Geoff, Gerry, Gerard, Jenny, Pat, Chrissie, Alan, Bill

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