AREA Supporters’ Newsletter, October, 2018

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to all those who have sent in their call in letters. If you did not send me a copy of your letter it would be helpful if you did so as one of the possibilities we are considering is sending or delivering a bundle to IKEA. For that we would need your permission if we decide to go down that route. If you could let me know just by sending an email stating you give permission for your name and letter to be used us would be very grateful.

If you have not yet sent in a letter to the Secretary of State would you please do so in the next week? So far, out of 250 AREA supporters there have been 45-50 letters sent in. I realise some sent their letter in straight away so I might not have a copy or their names. The Lancing group have sent in 40 letters and Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth over 130! Sussex Wildlife Trust will be asking their supporters.

We have also been busy with the following:

  1. Letters of complaint about the t shirt episode at the Oct 3 Planning meeting and the shouting behaviour of councillor Beresford, which contravened the council code of contact about treating people with respect. A reply received by a councillor who wrote to the council about the t-shirt episode stated that the security knew of no one who had been asked to remove their NO IKEA badge at the July meeting and that they could not ask those wearing the t shirts to remove them! The implication was that the wearers had nothing on underneath which would have meant that they showed up with no shirts on.
  2. Letters to Caroline Lucas, Peter Kyle and Lloyd Russell-Moyle asking for their support.
  3. Letter to Tim Loughton asking if he has met with the Secretary of State.
  4. Meeting with other groups – Shoreham Society, Withy patch community, a previous owner of a business that ran out of the airport and Sussex Wildlife Trust. We discussed the way forward and what the possibilities are if the Secretary of State does not call in the 2 developments for a second public consultation. We learned a great deal about the background history of the airport management and the West Sussex CC management of the Withy Patch site and community.
  5. Investigating the track record of CALA Homes the builders for NMF
  6. We have 2 new members on the committee – Judie and Pattie, both of whom have been doing investigative work and lots of letter writing.
  7. We will be producing a flyer for the November Farmer’s market which will be an update on what has been happening and future plans. By then we should have a better idea of the intentions of the Secretary of State and some idea of the time scale.
  8. Do we need a new carol for the December Farmers market? Anyone feel inspired?
  9. AREA has been invited to be part of the council’s Joint Overview Scrutiny Committee investigation into traffic and pollution. If you have particular concerns about a certain street, parking etc and any ideas for solutions please let us know. The meeting will be towards the end of November.
  10. We have been in communication with the Environmental Law Foundation who has been advising us on our options. More later on this.

There is information on pollution in the booklet sent to you already and I have attached some traffic information which was not covered in the booklet. Write to: CEO Javier Quinones, Kingston Park, Fletton, Peterborough, PE2 9ET.

Email :

Don’t feel the letter must be long or detailed so long as it highlights your horror at the plans of further road pollution through increased traffic gridlock. It may be worth mentioning that occupants of cars, stuck in traffic jams, breathe in 10x more pollution than cyclists. The relocation of the Withy Patch community is also an environmental issue. There are 28 children in the community. Can you include photos of the traffic queues! You could also mention the A259, Shoreham High St. which will also be affected.

Thanks for all your letter writing and your expressions of thanks to AREA. We so appreciate your support.

Hope to see you at the November Shoreham Farmers’ Market.

Enjoy the sun.

AREA committee

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