AREA Supporters’ Newsletter September 0, 2020

Dear Supporters,

Hope you are all keeping well and finding plenty of time to sign the petitions and write your letters of objection about the Planning for the Future White Paper. Responses can be sent to

We have been tackling issues surrounding the measurement of air pollution, especially particulates, those horrible minuscule bits that get into every organ of our body.

AIR POLLUTION MONITORS – We now have two roving monitors measuring particulates and one which needs a more permanent home. We are trying to compare the readings from our machines with those from the permanent monitor on Shoreham High St. NO2 readings on the high street have been fluctuating greatly. On September 24 NO2 levels peaked at 61.9 at 2pm and remained above the legal limit of 40 until 8pm, with a short dip at 3pm to 36. If you are interested in keeping an eye on the levels of NO2 and PM10s (particulate matter ) go to  to the map.

DIFFUSION TUBES – We have put up 10 diffusion tubes which measure NO – 3 along the A27 due to our concern for the children who are walking and cycling to Sir Robert Woodard Academy. Measurements last year were into the mid 50s, well above the legal limit. Once we have confidence in the accuracy of the mobile monitors we will be able to measure the levels of particulate matter. We have also placed a tube in Sompting village.

We have placed a number of tubes along the A259 near the skate park (once again due to concern for the children’s health) and in locations where residents have expressed concerns about air pollution. There will undoubtedly be increased traffic on the Old Shoreham Rd once The Waterfront development has opened so we have placed a tube near there.

TRAFFIC COUNT – We will be doing a traffic count during the week of October 12. Ideally we would like to keep to the same format as we have used before – from 7am to 7pm in one hour slots and over 2 days Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15. How we wish we had a long range weather forecast! But if the weather is really bad we will adapt.

IF YOU CAN HELP OUT PLEASE SEND YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER TO STATING THE DAY AND TIME SLOT YOU CAN DO. We can then email you any further information. With thanks for your support.

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