AREA Supporters’ Newsletter – September 11, 2018

Dear Supporters,
We have nearly finished doing the research on the following topics: Air Pollution, Viability, Withy Patch Community, IKEA, Employment, Drainage, NMU access, and South Downs National Park. We have employed a transport consultant, in conjunction with The Shoreham Society and Campaign to Protect Rural England and hope to have the report in the next few days. We are looking at these issues with regards to how they do not comply with the Adur Local Plan, the National Planning Policy Framework , the Human Rights Act and a number of other local government documents. It is only with reference to official documents that NMF can be refused. Common sense doesn’t come into it. We are also considering the way the wording, “a degree of flexibility” in the Inspector’s report has been interpreted with regards to the massively increased size of the commercial space on the airport and New Monks Farm and the decreased size of the country park.
We will be compiling a booklet for circulation to Councillors and other organisations for them to consider before the next planning meeting, whenever that will be. We hope it will assist a more informed debate. We will also be issuing a press release to get additional coverage. Our thanks to those who have assisted with the research, particularly on employment. Tim Loughton will be using some of our research for distribution to relevant ministers and the Local Enterprise Partnership, the suppliers of the £5.7 million public funding to NMF developers.
We have had a positive response from ELF, Environmental Law Foundation, who may be able to help us with the air pollution and Withy Patch Community issues, to develop them into reasons for refusal.
We distributed at least 200 new flyers at the Shoreham farmers’ market last Saturday and will be going to the Lancing Farmers’ market this coming Saturday. Any help would be much appreciated.
We are trying to find out what format the next planning meeting will take. It should, to be fair, consider ALL issues and not just the ones involved in the deferment. All documents with amendments have not yet been submitted , so, basically, some of the vital information is missing. We believe the council should allow a minimum of 4 weeks for the Planning committee to consider all new documents and information, unlike last time. The decision should be based on well informed, thoughtful reasoning.
For those of you on Facebook there are some interesting points being raised on the New Monks Farm Facebook page. A Lancing resident posted about a refusal for house insurance due to flood risk, having never before been refused.

SHOREHAM AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT. We have come to realise that very few residents are aware of the proposed 25,000sqm of commercial space in two warehouse style buildings on the eastern edge of the airport, as you look west from The Amsterdam pub. One is 9 metres high and the other 13 metres with a slight gap in between so you can peek through and see the airport. They will be a huge eyesore . We understand there could be space for them to be situated along the southern perimeter road.
We need to keep all the concerns in the public eye. That means writing letters to the papers. We had two in last week’s Herald, but the more the better. There are too many letters from Littlehampton in the Shoreham and Lancing Herald! So even if it is only a few lines. The pen is mightier than the sword, and it is legal. I am sure your local Councillor would love to hear from you. Adur website will have their name and email address.

October 20, Saturday CPRE Sussex / Wordfest event – All Change for Adur: a debate and discussion at the Ropetackle from 2-4pm. Tickets from the Shoreham Centre . Free but ticketed.

With thanks to all our supporters and welcome to the newcomers, following last Saturdays market.

Barb, Jenny, Bill, Alan, Gerard, Pat, Geoff, Chrissie, Peter, Gerry

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