Call it in! Model Letters

Dear Supporters,
Many of you have already written a letter of call in so well done and thanks. If we can reach 100 that would be very impressive. To assist you, this post contains 3 possible letters, which you can adapt and make more personal. a little bit of anger would not go amiss. Other groups have also asked their supporters to write as well. if ytou can let me know when you have written in then we will have some indication of the numbers.
We were impressed with the response we received on Saturday handing out the new leaflets which were based on the last newsletter. We have gained some new members and people’s anger and incredulity that the developments were passed was very apparent. More reasons not to give up hope.
We have other avenues up our sleeve and are working hard to bring those to fruition.
Again, many, many thanks for for your support.
Barb and the rest of the AREA committee

Model Call in letter – 1

Model Call in Letter – 2

Model Call in Letter 3


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