Letter to IKEA’s UK Sustainability Manager

TO: IKEA UK Sustainability Manager

FROM: Adur Residents Environmental Action

DATE: May 28, 2019

SUBJECT: IKEA Lancing, New Monks Farm

Dear Ms Saebjornsen,

AREA is a residents’ group with 500 members and supported by national environmental groups as well as 7 other local community groups. We are united in our opposition to the New Monks Farm development. We have written a number of letters to Javier Quinones outlining the reasons for our strong opposition to this development.

We are appalled that James Brokenshire, the Secretary of state has, after 7 months, given his approval to this development in spite of over 225 letters of call in from local residents and groups such as Friends of the Earth, Sussex Wildlife Trust and Campaign to Protect Rural England (Sussex).

How can IKEA want to proceed with a project which goes against its recently publicised plans for smaller stores in town centres?

How does the Lancing IKEA fit into your concern for the environment? You highlight your commitment to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact Index. You state, ”The People and Planet Positive strategy has been guiding us on our journey towards having a positive impact on people and the planet.”  The impact on the A27 and A259 Shoreham High St, roads which are already officially over capacity and have long tail backs, as well as on other local residential roads, will be massive. Both of these roads already have NO2 levels above the legal limit. There will be a huge negative impact on air quality, noise levels and traffic congestion levels.

IKEA prides itself on its concern for human rights. As a result of this development, the Withy Patch travellers community, who have been resident beside the A27 behind a screen of trees for over 30 years, will be moved to a site by the development’s entrance, surrounded by roads on 3 sides, including the A27 and the access roads for IKEA, the 600 homes and the airport and situated by the traffic lights on the new roundabout where they will be subjected to high levels of air and noise pollution. Many of the 24 children suffer from breathing difficulties.  This community has not even  been consulted. Nor has an Environmental Impact Assessment been done.  Article 8 of the Human Rights Act states that people have the right to peacefully enjoy their home, free from noise and pollution. Their human rights are being violated. We shudder to think what 8 years of construction, as lorries pass their homes from 7am to 7pm during the week, will do to their health, both physical and mental.

We urge you to be loyal to your principles. Do not sacrifice the Adur community and the health of its residents and the commuters on the A27 and A259 for commercial gain.

We have attached our November 26, 2018 letter to Mr Quinones and a copy of the booklet we produced and distributed to all Adur councillors prior to the granting of approval. It was ignored.

Please read it. You will then realise why we will not give up opposing this unsustainable, invasive development.

Yours sincerely,

Barb O’Kelly, BA, MA

Chair , Adur Residents Environmental Action (AREA)

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